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Is Cultural Change Certain to Fail .pdf
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It's hard to put a price on cultural change, but global studies in 2012 show that
highly engaged companies prove to have an operating margin almost 3X that of low engaged companies.
Further,two-thirds of all transformations aimed at helping organization in obtaining their objectives fail to sustain results.
Business owner and international adviser Greg Lane will take you through a proven and practical method that allows all levels to contribute to the strategy and identify which traits and behaviors should change to support reach the objectives. it begins helping to answer: how to properly deploy your strategic? what are the true traits of a leader? His book follows actual examples from organizations successfully moving through their cultural change in a pragmatic fashion. Lean Download below.

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Managing with Quoted Time (instead of trying to calculate Takt time) is key in high variation companies. This following 8 minute video was recorded in Australia in an Event sponsored by the Department of Economic Development to help high variation organizations become more sustainable through improved productivity. This video includes Greg Lane speaking about how critical it is to manage and feedback on quoted times and his experience in transforming his own Job Shop. Lean Video to be viewed:

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