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Greg Lane's Background

Greg Lane purchased and successfully improved his own organization, along with supporting cultural and process improvements in more than 30 countries, within manufacturing, service and education. He has effectively led improvement while holding management and executive positions at General Motors and Delphi Automotive.

In the late 80's Greg went to work for Toyota as an engineer and soon experienced building a new plant followed by managing on the shop floor. In the early 90's he was selected for a one year training program centered in Japan to become a Toyota Key Person. He returned to train others within Toyota's U.S. operations.

During his 25 years of learning and practicing lean, Greg experienced that the technical tools and process improvements are not sustainable and breakthroughs can not be reached if you do not tackle the soft issues. He now focuses on a total lean-enterprise by honing practical techniques to help in aligning traits and behaviors to support process improvement.

Today, Greg works globally as facilitator in supporting organizational wide change, and has also become recognized as a speaker at world-wide conferences. He has published three books and co-authored a forth, along with providing short articles on process improvement in a number of magazines. His books include:
  • Culturally On Plan — A Pragmatic Guide for Aligning Organizational Culture with a Strategic Plan and Transforming Management to Leadership
    (Strategic-Leaders.com, 2013)
  • Made to Order Lean — Excelling in a High-Mix, Low-Volume Environment
    (Productivity Press, New York: 2007)
  • Mr. Lean Buys & Transforms a Manufacturing Company — The True Story of Profitably Growing an Organization with Lean Principals
    (CRC Press, New York: 2010)
  • Chapter 9 of Toyota by Toyota — Reflections from the Inside Leaders on the Techniques That Revolutionized the Industry
    (CRC Press, New York: 2012)
Greg is a facility member of the Lean Enterprise Institutes in the USA and Spain being their resident expert in high mix, low volume, as well as lecturer of post-graduate lean studies at the University Polytechnic Barcelona. He holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin as well as an MBA degree with distinction from California State University. He speaks English, Spanish and German.


A Sample of our International Coaches:

Chuck Ward began acquiring his lean skill during the mid 80's when he joined Toyota Motors in Kentucky. He began while Toyota was starting operations in the Georgetown, Kentucky plant. During his first six years he gained first hand experience as a supervisor and leader in manufacturing. The next four years, he supported the Toyota Supplier Support Center where he received training and experience with Kaizen and Toyota's TPS Masters. This was focused on teaching suppliers how to install and maintain lean processes and systems throughout their teams and companies.

After departing Toyota, Chuck has gone on to share his experiences as specialist and teacher of lean manufacturing methods with many clients. His early focus was on the tools, but he realized the strong need to adapt behaviors and habits and has focused considerable effort on the 'soft' skill, to allow organizations to maintain the benefits over many years.
Currently his work has moved beyond manufacturing into service and healthcare. Chuck is strong in leading teams in a multitude of environments. He can adapt into many situations based on years of a deep understanding of Toyota's principals. He resides in Georgetown, Kentucky with his family.
Chuck can be reached at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Andrew Bonney before arriving to Toyota in the U.K., acquired his B. S. in Mechanical Engineering at the Royal Naval Engineering College. He spent 12 years working in operations including working as a shift manager for Toyota. This included learning kaizen at Toyota in Japan. Followed by ten years supporting other organizations in change leadership implementing lean process improvements across the entire enterprise. More skills were acquired by participating in a new model launch at Toyota in the U.K.

Andy's also held critical positions in both Ford and General Motor's operations, afterwords becoming a leader at McKinsey & Co. in design and execution of operational transformation and performance improvement programs. Working with manufacturers and in the service sector led him to focus on changing leadership's focus to help sustain the process improvements that were taken place with his support. Andy has a true vision of focusing on the entire lean enterprise from a culture and leadership perspective. His experience with many key functions like engineering, purchasing, supply chain, as well as significant experience in retail, provide him a wide background in leading change. Although focused on the organization's key customer measurements, he has a practical manner in which to engage an alignment of traits and habits to sustain the improvements. Andy is based out of the United Kingdom.
Andrew can be reached at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Xu Hailong (Felix) earned his bachelor degree of Mechanical Engineering from the National College. He worked for 15 years in operations with an accomplished track record in change leadership and lean enterprise implementation across different industries including consumer, automotive and industry products
Felix is very experienced in offering Lean support, with in depth experience of Time and Method Study, implementation of Factory Lean Transformation Projects in European and Asia factories.
He has been working on many lean transformation projects and pilots in many countries including Czech, Germany, Denmark and China. Key areas of expertise is Standard Procedures, 5S&VSM, Kanban, production line efficiency improvement using TAKT, line balance, MIFA,Heijunka, Kaizen Blitz and CI Teams, SMED,TPM and OEE. Total faith in the concept of continuously and systematically reducing Waste, exposing all the issues, identifying solutions and driving through the improvements.
Specialties: Line transformation and lean line design. Very experienced at communicating and training foreign English speaking management and workers. Focus totally in Gemba. Very patient with clients who have difficulty in accepting change and understanding the concept of Lean.

Felix is based in China

Felix can be contacted at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Neil Trivedi began his Lean journey introducing Lean to Mars Europe in the late nineties. He obtained his MSc in Lean Operations (with distinction) in 2004 from Cardiff University Enterprise Research Centre.

Working for GKN over the past 7 years Neil has deployed Lean across 26 countries. He focused on creating the Global Lean Office through improving business processes and training senior functional leaders. Neil has the experience and ability to deliver significant improvements in business process, with a track record of delivering 70% lead time reductions in business processes.

Neil has also consulted across the Food, Aerospace, Automotive and Public Sectors delivering sustainable improvements, major projects and business change.
Neil can be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ferhan Syed has a blend of industrial (Lean Production System) and Human Resource Development experience of more than 20 years. He started his career from Toyota-Indus Motor auto assembly plant located in Karachi. As a young   officer, he joined Production Planning & Material Control Department of the auto plant when it was being built in a desert located at the outskirts of the city. He thus became one of the earliest employees who supervised construction phase and later hired and trained the staff of the mammoth plant producing Toyota vehicles today.
Being part of production planning and material control department, thorough knowledge of Lean Production Philosophy was very important, which he initially learnt from Japanese trainers of Toyota Motor Corporation. He also got training in TMC production facilities in Japan. During his nine years of experience he became subject matter expert and trained hundreds of employees of his organization and its vendors located across the country.

He left Toyota in 2001, but the experience he gained helped him evolved into a successful teacher, corporate trainer and consultant. Today he is a visiting faculty of various accredited universities of country and known for his command on Lean Production System.