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Government & Education Clients

Educational and government organizations can not house all the expertise required to serve some specific client needs. Understanding the specific needs of the clients and proving training and on-site expertise on process improvement and cultural alignment is something we’ve been doing for years with excellent results.

This support can be provided well within the budgets of the respective organizations, and exceed customer expectations leading to long-term relationships in these areas.

Some of the typical services we provide to these organizations:

  • Public workshops and specialized classes in the areas of lean, process improvement, cultural alignment, strategic planning, etc.
  • Conference key note speaking on our area of expertise and our publications
  • On-site support directly within the organizations to meet their specific process improvement goals, most often related to:
    • Lead-time, productivity, flow (direct & indirect processes).
    • Strategic deployment and engagement.
    • Cultural (traits, behaviors, habits) better aligned with strategic objectives.