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High Variation or Lower Volume Manufacturing Clients

Industrial organizations with complex products, lots of variation and low volumes have led many manufactures to read the ‘lean’ books and conclude “we don’t make cars, therefore these concepts don’t apply”. Though having spent two decades successfully adapting lean management methodologies to support lean principals in these types of companies, demonstrates high mix & low volume organizations can receive the same benefits, but also have the same sustainability issues .

We have found in addition to sharing specialized tools to improve processes, organizations with a high variation of products/services struggle to sustain their many process improvements. Therefore addressing improvements with the hard (technical) solutions, while simultaneously focusing on the management system, is proven to create sustainability.

Some of the challenges we’ve helped our clients resolve:

  • Developing cross functional teams to apply specialized lean methods to improve direct & indirect processes, while simultaneously determining the desired soft skills necessary for sustainability.
  • Addressing deployment of strategic goals and improving processes that are sustained for years in the areas of:
    • Lead-time (both for direct & indirect processes).
    • Effectiveness across the value stream flow.
    • Linking problem solving to the strategic objectives.
    • Training leaders to guide process improvements with practical techniques.
  • Team members being engaged in problem solving, and being supported by leaders who want to become involved in process improvement, not just handing down objectives.