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Culturally On Plan

Practical Guidebook to align Your Culture & Your Strategy

  • It's difficult to quantify the benefits of improving your organizational culture, though two pieces of data validated via numerous CEO surveys and analysis are:
  • Between 60-90% of business process improvements fail to be sustainable over the longer term.
  • Operating margins are up to 3X greater in organizations with a highly engaged culture.
This book is founded on the observation that process improvement focuses more on the technical side and often does not address the underlying beliefs and behaviors which allow many to take comfort in reverting back to their old tried and true habits, especially when leadership does not have the ability or time to monitor and support these changes.
Greg Lane takes you through a successfully proven method in which lean leadership overcomes the typical failures that disrupt sustaining process improvements and better aligning organizational culture and strategy.

The guidebook takes you through examples of companies first working through better engagement and deployment of the annual strategy. This is accomplished by sharing what works and what typically causes confusion. Then the book works through examples of how organizations facilitate and engage leaders in determining the desired traits that will support the strategic objectives followed by how members can assess their current traits and behaviors in a non-biased manner.

Finally the technique walks you through many practical examples of what actions leaders have taken to better align some of their traits, behaviors and habits with the desired ones specific for their role in reaching the strategic objectives.


International Endorsements

“........This guide book provides a new and practical methodology that addresses the challenges all leaders face in driving these changes. Thought there is no single recipe for success, Greg Lane providers insightful tips on what has transformed cultures. This book gives the reader a solid approach to move ahead and I .........”

- George Angelv | Director Global Prototyping & Planning Whirlpool Corporation
“.......... it jumps to the level of changing behaviors that will transcend to sustainable .....”

- Armando Valdez | General Plan Manager LA-Z-BOY Operations Mexico
“.......This is a book to be used.”

- Davis Hines | Quality Engineering Manager Northrop Grumman Corporation
“... this is a masterful indictment on how a methodical and yet subtle awareness of an individual’s culture, and the influence this could have their decision making process. can readily facilitate solid and profitable strategic objective alignment. This book does not deal in ready-made remedies, it is a carefully crafted and intelligently rationalized methodology that can be used as a road map to steer executives towards achieving their personal and corporate goals.”

- Gary Cole | Vice President M-I SWACO - A Schlumberger Company