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Client's Results when Aligning Organizational Culture towards a Lean Management System

Think of your strategy, it should be forwarding looking & based on customers needs, as opposed to your culture which is historic & people based. Alignment of these requires a proven structure to impact the organizational culture, this doesn't happen overnight, but when we support teams by facilitating the right engagement the leaders begin to align their behaviors with the company's strategy.

We focus on imparting coaching and leadership abilities into the daily makeup of the leadership team, while making cultural change that supports the strategic objectives & problem solving.

Below are some representative results to date; naturally we can also refer you to current and former clients for a better understanding of how we drive results.

  Areas of focus Achieved Results

Management System

(Traits & Beliefs)

Strategy Well Deployed

Sustainment of a Lean Management System

Plan Engagement (% proactively participating)

Alignment of beliefs in support of organizational objectives

Individual Actions identified & align to customer needs

Organizational Structure aligned to support lean problem solving

Plan visualized with 100% Leadership involvement

Majority of Leadership positions being proactively involved

Leadership completed non-biased self evaluations

Ongoing Leadership Standard work & problem solving (Management By Means)

Strategic objective attainment increased by 20-45%